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Eric W. Augusta BA, MBA

Eric Augusta is owner and principal of Eric W. Augusta & Associates, an Excel consulting practice he founded in 2001. He specializes in designing and building custom Excel solutions for a diverse client base, spanning a broad spectrum of industries. He also provides corporate on-site Excel training seminars and teaches Excel classes at UCLA Extension and Cal/CPA Education foundation.

Eric W. Augusta & Associates

Eric spent the majority of his corporate career at Xerox Corporation in Los Angeles, joining them in 1977 following his initial job as a financial analyst with Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan. He was VP of Finance and Administration for Xerox’ Computer Services Division in Marina Del Rey, California from 1985-1994. In 1995 he joined Century Computer Marketing in Marina Del Rey as CFO. This company was acquired by Aurora Electronics where Eric held positions of VP Strategic Planning and VP Finance and Administration before leaving to start his consulting practice in 2000.

He earned a B.A. in economics from Cornell University, served 3 years as a U.S. Naval Officer, and received his M.B.A. in finance from Wharton, University of Pennsylvania. He is a member of Financial Executives International (FEI), is a Microsoft® certified Excel Expert, author of the book “Navigating the Road to EXCEL-lence” and frequently speaks on Excel topics at professional meetings.

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Whether it’s creating complex formulas, writing Excel macros to speed up repetitive workflow, adding user-friendly interfaces, controls and functionality to existing spreadsheets, solving security and protection issues, or designing and developing cost-effective custom Excel business information solutions —

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VP Finance / Treasurer - Internet Company

“I think the seminar was absolutely excellent; I found the session to be invaluable. The tips and new material I’ve learned have already become very useful.”

Controller - Medical Equipment Company

“This was the best computer training I ever had!”

Senior staff Accountant - Video Entertainment Company

“I was spending four hours a month creating a consolidated Excel report; Eric taught me how to reduce this to less than 15 minutes with more accurate results.”

Assistant Royalty Manager, Software Company

“Eric modified by existing macros the process of uploading SAP data and doing foreign currency conversations which saves me an hour every time I run the macro. Even though I’m an experienced Excel user, it would have taken me weeks to figure out what he did in minutes.”

Regional Sales Director - Logistics Company

“I found the pricing model to be one of the best tools for developing accurate unit price quotes I’ve ever seen.”

Vice President - Commercial Bank

“Eric’s experience as a UCLA Extension Instructor in MS Excel, along with his corporate financial background have made him the obvious choice for creating our metrics reporting system. He saved us hundreds of hours.”