Navigating The Road to EXCEL-lence

Major Topics Covered

Intermediate Seminar

  • Customize the QAT to create a high performance Excel environment
  • Create a macro in 3 minutes that can save you 15+ hours a year
  • Use Excel's built in forms to make your models super user friendly
  • Learn how the "Flash Fill" feature can save hours of painful date manipulation.
  • Why a VLOOKUP is a better choice than a “Nested IF” statement
  • How the CAMERA function can save hours of formatting frustration
  • Replace multiple charts with a single, DYNAMIC chart
  • Understand the advantages of using a "horizontal" timeline architecture approach in financial models
  • Use GOAL SEEK to set the required output of a model and then instantly find the correct input value that corresponds
  • See why SUBTOTAL and SUMIFS may become your favorite new Excel functions

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