Navigating The Road to EXCEL-lence

Excel Consulting Services by Eric W. Augusta and Associates

What I do

  • Provide fast, high quality Excel consulting services to a broad base of clients, ranging from start-ups to Fortune a very wide range of SIC codes, for projects of all sizes, large too small.
  • Create Excel macros (VBA coding) that automate long, arduous processes.

How I do it

Follow a simple, but effective 3-step "Rapid Prototyping" process:

  • 1 Work with the client to gain a basic understanding of the current process and the major end goals.
  • 2 Produce an initial prototype... usually within days
  • 3 Collaborate with the client in an iterative series of "tweaks", fixes, and enhancements until the product meets the client's needs.

Why this process works so well

  • Faster development/lower cost
  • Integrate dynamic requirements into the development cycle
  • Higher overall end-user satisfaction
Eric W. Augusta & Associates

Please click links below to view examples of work products using this methodology (all examples are shown in PDF format).

Excel Work Product Samples: